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Our clinic philosophy: To serve the best and for the greatest satisfaction of our patients.




Bernice Ngai, 25 November 2015, * * * * * 

DR Umar thank you


Tan Eileen, 25 November  2015, * * * * *

Very Good



Nancy Soh, 10th March 2018, * * * * *

I seldom do any review in fb but what make me feel that I have to do something to appreciate the patience and efforts that we witnessed today by Dr Rashpal! We brought our 7 years old son to visit dental today. He was a very non-co-operative kid n Dr Rashpal uses more than an hour to patiently explain to him n taught him step-by-step to remove his tooth himself. Both I and my hubby was very impressed with the professionalism Dr Rashpal and his teams on handling my cranky kid! I would definitely highly recommended Medini Dental Bukit Indah to my friends.


Ash Castello , 17th December  2017, * * * * *

I was skeptical and scared due to my past experiences with previous dentists. And I can genuinely assure you that this clinic is the BEST Dental Clinic that I’ve had liaised with. Dr. Rashpal is very professional in his work and the receptionist staffs were very helpful and friendly too! They provide you with very prompt and consistent follow ups and advices as well as Post-Operative Instructions for Minor Oral Surgery and Extractions in hard copy for your read. I am happy to say that I’ll come back again for other treatments!! WELL DONE! 



Noorshakirah Ishak, 6thAugust 2017, * * * * *

Dental Service was fast & quality is good. Dr explanations were very clear & easy to understand. Clinic is very hommy (tv, sofa, magazines) so fmly waits comfortably~. Price is acceptable (cons rm 30 & scaling rm 150)


Charlotte Koh, 23th December 2017,  * * * * *

Friendly dentist and modern facilities. We went for scaling and polishing and the whole process was fast and pleasant


Fish Tan. 25th August 25 2017, * * * * *

The service here is good… Doctors and Nurses are super friendly….explained everything in details and the cost of tooth extraction and self ligating braces is affordable…

Dr del is fast, friendly, and his skills is so good that me and my husband didn’t feel the pain at all while doing our extractions….

Dr ashawi is very patience with explaining the details of putting braces, what is the alternative treatments and etc… And he is also very good in putting self ligating braces….

My husband’s brackets falls off due to biting, we went back the next day, the female doctors is also good in helping him to put the brackets back as Dr ashawi is not free…

Lastly, me and my husband did our braces last night, as love it and we are very satisfied with the services that is provided by the doctors and nurses ..


Mohamad Ali Taib, 9th March 2017, * * * * *

Everyone seem polite and respect customer. What the purpose of having nice teeth non other than smiling ear to ear. Good job to all. Especially Dr Dell.


Yus Hassim, 11th March 2017 * * * *

Great services from all e staff n doctor. For sure will recommend their service to those in need of a good dental service.


Michitodoshi Missworld, 20th March 2017, * * * * *

Terima kasih Dr Dell dan nurse.


Sumira Mohamed Supari, 1 December 2016, * * * * *

Awesome friendly staffs, clean environment, great sofa, TV and WiFi





Mohd Huzaimi, 7 December 2017 , * * * * *

Terbaik. Doktor Zul sangat berpengalaman. Bagus boley datang lg ni. Thank you Doktor Zul. Staff pun baik2 smue. Layanan tip top.



Volk Han, 6 April 2017, * * * * *

Dokter yang berpengalaman dan banyak nasihat..service n layanan 1st class..



Bahiyah Yaakub, 4 February 2017, * * * * *

Thumbs up to Dr Ahmad Munir Muji – Klinik Pergigian Medini, Taman Daya. I can honestly say that he did a GREAT work! He really spends his time with his patients, very informative, and jokes which help us calm and relax.The staff was very friendly and I love the modern & clean atmosphere. Thanks again. From Nurin & family.


ZRzorro Ninewhiskeytwo-osu, 12 February 2017, * * * * *

Excellent services and product. Detail explanation given by the expert on our teeth conditions. Doctor provide options for patient to decide.


Nur Ila Hidayah, 4th March 2017, * * * * *

Super duper friendly doc n nurses. Excellent services.


Putra Ery Han, 6th April 2017, * * * * *

Dokter yang berpengalaman dan banyak nasihat. Service n layanan 1st class.




Mohanraj Arumugham, 4th July 2017, * * * * *

Very very profesional service from doc and staff. Highly recommended.


Nur Fatir , 21 August 2016, * * * * *

Pearl dental punya service memang terbaik. Thanks a lot pearl. Hold up.


Nur Qurratuaini, 6 January 2017, * * * * *

The staff & dentist are excellent. They provide well done services for us! The dentist also will suggest necessary treatments for our teeth. After all have done, they’ll suggest many useful tips regarding teeth protection. Highly recommended for those who keen


Farihah Johari, 8 November 2016, * * * * *

Thanks to pretty doctor ( doctor fahira) and other doctors and staff . Alhamdulilah feel blessed to meet all of you and i am really satisfied with the treatment given. Totally worth it.





Feeza Maleque, 4 February 2014, *  * * * *

Recommended! 😉


Hanima Zaimar, 18 May 2016,  * * * * *

sangat bagus klinik gigi ini…

gigi mak dah patah separuh dah mcm tunggul aje lah doc nie cabut tak rasa mak cakap sekejap aje wahh harga sgt berpatutan pasti datang lagi mak cakap.


Nur Qurratuaini, 6 January 2017, * * * *

Sangat bagus. friendly.. cakap lembut je. sopan santun. fast service. call tak pernah tak angkat. recommended!


Ola Ingvarsson, 28 January 2016, * * * *

Very professional! I highly recommend this place. I had an emergency and got an appointment right away. I felt very comfortable in their care.

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